Sunday, July 5, 2009

simply incredible

This photograph, by Robert Capa, is one of the most renowned moments captured on photograph. It shows the image of a Spanish soldier the instant he is dropped by a bullet through the head in front of C√≥rdoba. The photograph is incredibly powerful since it has caught the precise moment of death, something not many photographers can do. It captures the brutality and violence of war and shows the terrible ways people die. The photograph is intense, it shows you the struggle of the soldier at the very moment the bullet enters his head. It illustrates that death is now in control and the soldier is no more. I am stunned by this photograph because it precisely shows what death is and what death looks like. On the other hand is oversimplifies death and warfare because we only see one man out of thousands who have died in the same war, capturing the image of all the soldiers’ deaths…now that is a photograph. One has to wonder, however, that death could be as simple and as straightforward as this photo shows.

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